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Default Cannot resist: Millenium - again

Hi all,
I was on Millenium Sep-12,08 from Seward to Vancouver. Total cruise experience was great. The ship was full, but never, ever felt it crowded. The service was very good, had absolutely no complaints about the food. entertainement in the main theater was ok (production show very good, the rest ok). So far, all in line with what everybody else felt. Let me therefore say a few words about FOD:
we sailed at 9pm from Seward and that night the daily programm mentioned an FOD meeting at Michael's Club (where else?) the next afternoon. Went there and met a nice group of guys and gals (total about 10 of us). we did have a wonderful time together, even managed to dine at the same table! After dinner we would always end up at the Martini Bar for a great time. The FOD meeting was anounced for the next day as well, but nobody showed up because we would be in Martini Bar. The day after that, somebody must have realized and they changed the venue and time of the daily FOD gathering to the Martini Bar: very, very thoughtful and attentive! we all felt very welcome on bord this ship!

Service: 9
accommodation: 9
food: 8
overall cruise experience: 10

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