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Originally Posted by thecruisequeen
Not everyone will be happy with the same cruiseline/cruiseship. You will always get cruisers that don't like the food, ship, service, entertainment etc etc.
The cruiselines just can't please everyone as we all do have different taste and not just in food.

Royal is my line however if there was something that I did not care for (food, service, entertainment etc etc) I would look around and jump ship. I work too hard when I get onboard a ship I am looking for the Perfect cruise and so far I get that with Royal. If something was not to my liking on Royal I would jump ship. It's a big ocean with alot of ships out there.

When it comes to food no Cruiseline will satisfy every single one of it's cruisers even the more upscale line. Someone is bound to dislike something.
I hear all the time.....
Royal food is good Royal food is bad
Carnival food is good Carnival food is bad
Princess food is good Princess food is bad
Etc etc etc.

All this talk about food I think I'll go make me some popcorn!
Well put! I have cruised one time on Carnival and I had a wonderful time. My husband and I go on a cruise to relax and have a good time. We don't go just for the food, but it's nice to walk out of the dinning room feeling satisfied! We heard that Royal was the ship to be on, so we now have a sailing date of 1-18-10 on Monarch OTS....looking forward to some nice relaxing quality time with my hubby!! This cruise will determine who I sail with in the future.
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