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Default Professional WJ Video Footage

I am a former television news photographer and now a corporate video professional. I have been in this business for 35 years.
Long story short...Several years ago, I was commissiond by Marc Burton, former husband of Polly Burke of Windjammer to produce a video to be sold at their Seachest which I did. (The program turned out very well if I do say so myself.) I went on several cruises and all of their ships to get enough footage to put this project together and updated the video twice, once to remove footage of the Fantome and again when the Legacy was added. Over the years I have accumulated over 20 hours of video of the ships (including the Fantome), interviews with crew members, Captains (including Guyan), passengers... you name it. I maintained all rights to the footage and sold individual VHS tapes to WJ to be re-sold in the Seachest.
It would be a shame for all this footage to just fade away. If anyone knows of a documentary producer that has an interest in producing this fascinating story... post here to contact me. I would think Travel Channel or the History Channel would be interested in such a project.

Michael Beckett
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