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parrot mom,

I guess I am not sure about the objectivity and fairness of anyone who takes one cruise on any cruise line and then can state as you did the following on the Celebrity board on a thread about "new Captains Club benefits": “I found the die hard Princess cruisers completely obnoxious and self important. It's a Carnival for senior citizens and for people who want to feel self-important”. IMHO, such a statement is simply not true about Princess or any other cruise line for that matter.

I could not care less if someone may not be able to speak perfect English. In fact, on occasions, neither do I!!! I am also not bothered by little things like a buffet that is not up to my standards. There are always so many choices on any cruise, that all you have to do is find a different dining area.

What is important is if a major problem comes up and if
it is handled poorly or not at all.

As I said before Princes does have great service, great food and entertainment. They also have a customer service department that does care if a MAJOR problem does occur.

For me Princess is now at the top of the mainstream or premium cruise lines and I will continue to sail with them. As you said to each their own, it is great we all have choices!!!

With integrity nothing else matters; without it nothing else matters.

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