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I have one glass of wine with dinner about once every 1-2 months and didn't have any on my 2007 4-nighter with my teenage son. In March for my solo cruise, I will probably have a glass each night with dinner.

I wish everyone else would be the same. Way too many ridiculous losers drink all afternoon and/or all night like it's "a cool thing to do" (like smokers). While they are hysterical to watch for a few minutes, affter that the novelty wears off and you just end up feeling so sorry for the pool fools who really have no clue how ridiculous they look.

I personally would be happy with a cruise without alcohol, of course that is what makes restaurants, cruiselines, hotels, etc. their big profits so they are not about to stop that. A very sad commentary on society. Prohibition was a great idea. Wish it could work. I would not miss alcohol.

Too bad alcohol didn't just make you start throwing up after you had one drink. That would certainly stop people from doing it and from killing others while they drive. I'd feel better knowing people on the road only had one drink in them, instead of 3 or more,
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