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Originally Posted by ferrangi
Originally Posted by katlady
Nighthawk65 thanks for the informaiton on Early Check in. I want to do that early check in. I haven't decided on a hotel yet. I was thinking of the Queen Mary or the Residence Inn Downtown. But I may just try priceline and see what I get.

It looks like Misguidedangel is getting on first. Then she will pass briguy as he gets on board. Me and Thoth have a ways to go still.

Bob I love Las Vegas. We are driving, but no plans for Las Vegas yet. I may need to working on the hubby for that one. My last cruise was on the Carnival Freedom so it will be interesting to compare the ships.
Don't forget me.... 20 days to go...
I don't know how I missed this topic.
Whew it's a good thing you check in or else they wouldn't have let you on the ship. Does this mean you leave on Sept 6? This means we have a line up
Ferrangi 9/6/09
Misguideangel 9/13/09
briguy 9/20/09
Bob 10/18/09
Bob M 11/29/09
Thoth 4/11/10
and bring up the rear (why am I not surprised) is
Katlady 5/2/10
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