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Default 1st Disney Cruise-10/24/09---Help!!

This is our 2nd cuise--however 1st Disney Cruise--we are Cruising Disney Magic 10/24-10/31-we have a cat. 4 room w/ verandah-It will be me and my husband and our 2 daughters who are 6 and 5-as time is approaching fast I am starting to get stressed! I have read the tips from Kathleen, copied and pasted them so I won't forget them-----just wondering about a few things--
1. Passports-it states that they aren't needed-so any extra cost saved is helpful---is it ok to not have them?
2. Transportation from airport to port--we arrive the day we set sail around 10a.m---so I am trying to find trans. to the port at a costly manner?
3. Packing--don't want to pack anything we might not need and don't want to leave anything needed out--also tend to overpack?
4. Kids club---do we need to register them early?
5. Should or can we book or Palo dinner early online?
6. We have early dining for 2 of us and late dining for the other 2--we are on a waiting list to get us all on early
7. Any tips of princess tea--Mickey dinner or things to not miss out on for our 2 girls?
8. Excursions--St. Maarten we are thinking about the Dolphin Encounter (it says ages 5+---my daughter doesn't actually turn 5 til 12/17 although this would be the one think they would love to do)------------or the Island & Butterfly Farm Tour----------or the See & sea Island Tour--any suggestions would be great St. Thomas/St. John---either Coral World Ocean & Island Drive or the Coral World Marine Park by Land & Sea Castaway Cay----------what is the best thing to do there-----we are thinking about just enjoying the atmosphere and not really planning anything ahead----but the walk to see Capt. Sparrow does sound great so any suggestions here would be great also

Im sorry if I have asked tooo many questions---but I know when we went on our 1st carnival cruise---I was sooo busy trying to get acquainted with everything and figuring out what to do each day----it was alot--and it kinda would just be nice to be able to just step back and enjoy this one----w/ out stressing out ---------------
Thanks for any advice and suggestions!!!!
I am very Excited about going----I think even more so than our girls
Wendi Kent
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