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Originally Posted by joecru
You're wrong I have no problem with auto tipping it's what they consider a tip and I know CCL can not control my credit card I can turn on the T.V. and check my account anytime. O.K I get it so if someone spills a drink in the casino and an employee wipes it up before I step in it he deserves a tip or the guy standing at the door of the disco he deserve a tip the people who bus the tables in the Red sail give them a tip or the people at the purser desk who are very helpful give them a tip too. OK I get it thanks. Please read my other post and replies I have a headache.
The people busing the Lido tables do get part of that $1, as they should.

Same with the people who roll the beverage carts around in the morning.

The rest goes to me for reading this thread.
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