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Originally Posted by katlady
Originally Posted by joecru
I heard a joke going aroung when I was on Glory that the most exciting activity at sea was the bean bag throwing contest. Not trying to compare BUT!3 years ago I took my grandchildren on Navigator after the cruise I asked each of them what did they like most about the ship? Was it the rock climbing, ice skating show, minature golf, Johnny Rockets, roller blading,24Hrs cookies cakes pies pizza or to be at the Mardi Gras on the street that runs the length of the ship? Remember you pay for what you get. Good luck!
Hi Joe I want to take your comments in two parts. I will take your last part first. I would have a completely different opinion of RCI if I were sailing on the ships you are sailing on. This is not meant as a snide comment I don't take anything you have said to me to be a snide comment. I beleive us to be two people debating a topic I hope you see this the same way. I like a good debate.

Okay out here on the West Coast the RCI ships we recieve are quite a bit different then the wonderful Freedom Class ships you have cruising out of Florida. RCI sends the old junky ships out here. These ships don't have all this wonderful stuff avialable on the Freedom of the seas and the Liberty of the Seas. Out here we have Radiance of the Seas, Marnier of the seas, oh see I was going to add another ship, but there are only two out here. Mariner of the seas just came out here this year and is the nicest and newest RCI ship out here. It has the rock climbing wall, the parade area, I think it has the ice rink, it does not have the flowrider. So sailing out of California on RCI is quite a bit different then sailing out of Florida. Shoot they have the Oasis of the seas coming out and they aren't even tossing us California cruisers Freedom of the seas. Your kids would not be as happy sailing on the Radiance of the seas no ice rink, no flowrider, I'm not sure if they could have the pleasure of paying an extra charge to eat at Johnny Rockets or not. I'm guessing the Radiance of the Seas does not have a Johnny Rockets.
Yes that is a shame but I guess that's called greed. Make no mistake RCCL is high price but you sure do get a lot. I live in Florida (a N.J transplant) and the furthest port from me is about 4 hours so this makes it a little cheaper for me to cruise (no airfare) but the future for RCCL will be the Oasis and the Allure out of Florida. Not trying to compare the two lines but there are pictures of Oasis in RCCL message board and from Freedom to Oasis these are the future of cruising. I will be booking the Oasis with the grandkids the summer of 2010.
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