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I didn't say the child looked drunk--- I said the child in the second photo half in the floor and half on the dresser looked a little odd--I still say he does. Maybe he was drunk and maybe not but it's still an odd looking photo, especially with 2 glasses of wine in front of him.
I still figure there's another side to the story and once again, the Cruise line, unwilling to face harsh criticism, has folded up under pressure.

Did the cabin steward " throw the family under the bus "--I doubt it. It's always the steward that gets the blame from everything from theft to assault. Much like the old movies wherein the Butler always did it.
Obviously something damaged the dresser. The gouges looked new-- what would the steward be doing that caused multiple gouges on the edge--hit it with the end of a vacuum cleaner??---Hardly. The damages appear to have been caused from some type of downward blow.Bumping it with a vacuum handle wouldn't have caused that.
Obviously we'll never know, as Paul Harvey would say, " The rest of the story " simply because Carnival lacks the b#lls to hold their ground.

I can fault Carnival in one of two ways--First, if they had a case, stand by it regardless of the publicity. They would have gained more respect in the long run . Secondly, if they had no case, then let it go and not make any issue at all.

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