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Default Clinical Pharmacy Cruise :)

Hi Peter,
Thanks for your post. As you can see from my list of past cruises, I prefer larger and newer ships. Ryandam is I believe 55K gross tons. My smallest ship was Miracle and I actually took it out of Tampa before it was replaced by Legend. It was fine, but I did miss the larger jogging track and the roomy spa. If I'm going to eat well, I've got to workout as well My first ship and my first love of cruising was Carnival Glory...and you know what they say...all the rest will be compared to it.

I must admit I'm getting tired of the Carnival's day time activities and many of the night time shows all seem the same because I cruise w/ Carnival so much. I'm sure the food on HA would certainly be a change...but I'm not yet tired of Carnival's menu. Actually, I look forward to eating some of my favorites again. There's something comforting about the same old menu w/ only slight changes. I do like the lively atmosphere of Carnival ships.

In the end, I'm sure I would enjoy any cruise including Ryandam, but I'm gonna hold out for my 10th platinum Carnival cruise this fall.

I'm interested in a TA and would consider celebrity, HA or RC, probably not NCL. But that may have to wait till next year. Alaska is also on the horizon for summer 2010, but will probably cruise on the Carnival spirit or one of Princess' ships.

But getting back to Tampa, I may consider Legend in Nov if nothing else works out. No, I've never shared a cabin with a total stranger. If I was going to pay double the fair, I often brought a deserving friend, my son, or old standby, my elderly Mom with me. She's got salt water in her veins and loves the ships. But, sadly she became quite ill on our August cruise. She has sailed her last cruise. She has advanced CHF. Hence, I'm on this board. Can't say I'm extremely optimistic about finding a cruisemate this way, but who knows.

Have you ever shared a cabin w/ someone you met online? What cruiselines have you sailed with in the past. You mentioned you plan on several other caribbean cruises in the next few months (in another post)...what other ships and dates are you considering? Ryandam's price is attractive, no doubt.
Thanks again and lets keep in touch.
'Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness'
Mark Twain
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