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Default Re: Celebrity food vs. Royal Carribean food

I didn't look up the itineraries, and your post isn't clear whether the cruise you're considering leaves from New Orleans or whether it's just a stop along the way.

Since you're obviously interested in food, I'd find a way to spend several days in New Orleans with or without the cruise. Few argue with the fact that it's one of the great eating cities of the world.

Cruise ship food--of whatever stripe--would have a hard time keeping up with what you can get on land there. Haven't been on RCCL, but find Celebrity's food very good. But again, it would take you weeks to eat your way through all the fabulous places in New Orleans. . .

Pompano en Papillote at Antoines!!
Eggs Benedict for breakfast at Brennan's!!
Anything at all at Commander's Palace!!
Oysters by the dozen at the Desire Oyster Bar!!
Coffee and Begneits at the market!!

Now we're talking specialty restaurants!!

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