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Originally Posted by Cricketmk3
I'm too chicken to try to sneak it in. My boyfriend and I are both going to bring our allowed bottle of wine. I've heard all kinds of stories...putting it in mouthwash & water bottles. I'm sure the crew is wise to the sneaky ways and can probably spot it pretty well.
The crew is on to the water bottle trick. Water bubbles differently then alcohol. My hubby and I were coming back through security back on to the ship. They stopped the underage girl with a large bottle of water who was in front of us. They asked how old she was, then took her bottle and shook it. The girl had water and was really confused. My hubby and I knew what was up. Once they shook the water bottle she was allowed on the ship no problem. Had that not been water she would have been caught.

This is why ordering from the Bon Voyage Dept works so well. No sneaking bottles on to the ship or the airplane (possible breakage issues). Plus the bottles are waiting for you in your room. Since you ordered the bottles with Carnival, they still recieve the revenue so it's win win all around. This is one of those "tips" I learned from this site. Carnival doesn't list on the website that you can order bottles of Rum, Gin Vodka etc. All you have to do is call the Bon Voyage Dept directly, be sure to have your booking number. It is more expensive to order this way, but it saves time, embrasssment of being caught, and possible clothing damage. Here the phone number. To speak with a Customer Service representative, please call toll-free:
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