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Just decided to browse this section and came across this post. The one thing to think about in regards to pop cans, etc. is that the cargo area is heated/pressurized the same as the cabin. So, have you had a drink on the plane? Ever seen the cans in odd shapes or exploding while the flight attendants serve them? It's the same conditions. And as for the one poster seeing one explode at 7000 ft, bear in mind that the cabin altitude (the actual pressure in the cabin) of a commercial jet at average cruise altitudes is generally between 6000-8000 ft. You may see a little more pressure when you open a can but not much, at least not enough to explode. Now, those cans are stored in the cabin pretty securely, in drawers usually. But who knows how they may be packed in someones suitcase. Maybe they bang up against each other or another, possibly pointy, obect in the bag. Then yes, you will get a shower. But that could also happen putting the bag into your trunk. And you know the baggage handlers do toss them around fairly well.
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