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Good morning everyone:

I was rudely awakened by the steady peck,peck,peck,peck of a $%$! woodpecker. The little buggers hit the house last year and we had the house sprayed and the siding repaired but now they are back. It's just before migration time and they are "trumpeting".

I went out and he took off. I did see that he has been at it for awhile. There is a nice hole in the siding. Last year we had the siding checked to see if there were bugs in the wood and none were found.

I am irritated to spend another $400 - $500 to repair and repel the little buggers. I am "tempted" to resolve the situation using the 12 gauge method. The Feds wouldn't be too happy with that and now that I've written my desired solution on an open message board I better not succumb to my baser instincts.

Other than trying to get rid of Woody, I have nothing on the agenda.

Donna: I'm glad to know you are enjoying your new house and area. If I had been singing during the drive, both the cat and the dog would have been howling.

Delft: My best to your Mom and nice to hear the pup is doing better.

BW: Yep: It's hard when you've been waited on to return to having to do everything yourself. I've been there. Then again, it isn't all it's cracked up to be. Glad to hear he's doing good. BTW: I did the cobweb clean up on Wednesday. I get a gold star, my wife didn't need to tell me.

I hope everyone a great Saturday and a wonderful weekend.

Take care,
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