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Originally Posted by VegasCrossfire
The scariest thing that happened to us was when we had friends going with us on a cruise. We went to Miami 4 days before the cruise and when we got there, our friends realized they left their passports, and all documents on the kitchen counter!! She had to have her sister over-night them to the hotel. that was done and we had a good couple of days in the Keys, etc.
When we got to the Pier to board the ship....she could not find the documents (including Passports) ANYWHERE!! We called the hotel to see if she had left them in the room. We had all their suitcases wide open on the sidewalk and we were pulling everything out of every suitcase. What a mess!! I went to the boarding area and asked what we could do without the docs. I was told "nothing...without the passports, etc - they cannot get on board". By now we were all frantic and she was crying.

They couldn't go - so what do we do??? Do we go without them or do we lose our money and stay home too????

Luckily - as we were reluctantly putting the clothes back in the suitcase, we found the documents.

I NEVER want to experience anything like that again!!
That would be very scary! on my 1st cruise, I kept my passport, flight eticket, boarding passes, cruise tickets, id's, credit card, cash and S&S card in my waist belt underneath my shorts. that is how I always travel. I always make sure the straps on it are secure and use two large thick safety pins to pin them to the inside of my pants or shorts.
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