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On the cruise on the Pacific Princess between March and April the divers were called down to St. Lucia to fix a problem with the ship and this was I believe the second time on this itinery... Oh yes. I believe we have pictures of their work area if you don't believe me.. But Nurse Debra.. your problem was three years's time to get over it.. Did I tell you about the dangerously designed jacuzzi on the Brilliance of the Seas and my accident on the first day...spent the entire cruise in a cast on pain meds...I;ve gotten over it..and hopefully RC fixed learned from my suit (which I won, btw)..Yes, I missed a port on a Celebrity ship when there was turmoil in Morocco and they substituted Cartegena, Spain..yechh.. a poor substitute.. But on the next cruise we did get to Casablanca. You just have to read the fine print on your cruise tickets.. Oh I also remember on another ship where they lost power for a short electricity..we were dead in the water.. As for cutting the Century in half.. NCL started that with the NCL Majesty I cruised that ship the minimum of 12 times to Bermuda.. So, that when they wanted to update the Century with addiitional balconies they did it innovately..what's wrong with that...BIGGER is not always better and I prefer smaller ship myself and Celebrity has several of them and I hope to sail them all.
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