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No argument here all of us have different experiences.
I am sorry to hear about your experiences... my sis and I enjoyed quite the opposite experience... in fact, we did get the free coctails and both the captain's party and past guest party.
We must have been one of the last cruised to get that. But then again, I don't recall a farewell party either, and if memory serves me correctly, the coctails at the farewell party were instead of the captains party.
The only drink I had that was $10 was a martini of some sort... I can't recall which one now... but we had drink coupons and we only had to sign twice for an additional fee.

Darn I was so hoping everyone here would have as good a time as we did. But I've never been on the east coast so I don't have that to look forward to... I will some day.

btw... pics coming soon.
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