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I still feel this is misguided, this whole debate. If you are talking about USA ships in Carib waters and they can only take on drink at American prices and at American tax laws then,,fine.

But these ships sail all over the world, and for months at a time and not always in the Carib and American waters.

You can not tell me ALL the booze they sell in Europe or Asia on a 4 or 6 month tour has come all the way from the USA,,,it dont, think about it, neither does the food or anything else used on that ship

I have seen truck loads of booze in ports like Malaga, Barcelona etc going onto American ships for their upcoming itinery and all purchased outside the USA. They the line love it, buy it cheap but set at the price of what folks from the USA would expect to pay.

They will continue to do this, as it will allow them to take back a big percentage on having sold the bed and food cheap in the first place,,,simple

Why cant folks see this?
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