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Originally Posted by Kuki
Those onboard will be industry types, media, and travel agents.
Don't forget many, many of the (former) RC's. They have been getting their emails in the last couple of weeks. Many are bragging about it online (as usual). Even the minor rec'd one and he can't go because he is under age 21. His parents are both going agent invite for them, I think.

Considering the new FTC regs, I wonder why RCI chances it. Guess the regs don't come into effect until December? Getting that payment in just under the wire.

Apparently RCI must feel the payments are worth it. So many of the (former) RC's don't post much under their original monikers, they have new ones. But it is the same old, same old. It is so obvious. The boards on the other side are slower than I can remember them being in a long time, yet there are an amazing number of "new" posters with extraordinarily high post counts. They also happen to be extremely knowledgable about cruising and sing the praises of RCI, while bashing any perceived negativity against RCI. Doesn't take a rocket scientist......!

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