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Originally Posted by dkjretired View Post
Which is exactly what I'm doing, heading off on a cruise and by the way the pod problem would not in any way stop me from booking one of the M class ships..

Don, have a great cruise on the new Equinox. It sounds like a beautiful ship. Please let us know all about your cruise when you return. Were it not for my treatment by Celebrity, while getting burned by one of the many POD problems on a mclass ship, I would probably be sailing one of those new ships right now. Sailing any of the newer Celebrity ships would be fine for most people, but based on the personal experiences of so many passengers, I would definitely pass on Celebrity mclass ships.

Thanks again for clearing up some miss-information about the status of the Celebrity mclass ships.

It is a good thing that we all have different experiences and opinions about cruise lines and cruise ships, otherwise we would all be trying to book the same ship!

Have a great cruise.

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