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Default they were not ejected

Officer Law WAS NOT ejected. she was in a "ejectory position" where she was lifted and hit the roll bar with her belly which caused the laceration of the liver, and the head injury which is similar to "shaken baby syndrome"

The Cozumel report was not complete, and names & locations are wrong.

These are my friends who were in this accident, and all are still in the hospital, some fighting for their lives.
One of the passengers in the rear seat (They had rented the yellow jeep which is the 4 door jeep) was wearing her lap belt, and at current time has 5 broken vertebra and has no feeling from the chest down.
She was flown to Miami.
Lt. Mitts a Firefighter from Sarasota is recovering at a trauma hospital in St. Pete with two broken ankles and a broken pelvis as well.

The driver is still in Mexico, with serious injuries, as she is not allowed to leave until the investigation is finished because there were deaths involved.

keep these people in your thoughts and prayers.
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