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Oasis day 2 more
I just quickly want to write that this morning I had to address some service issues 9as note4d above) and I truly found the staff to be exceptionally helpful. Honestly. No one on here knows who I am (in terms of being with the press) but everyone O talk attempts to solve any issue I have immediately. There has been no “that’s not my department,” or any such services. It truly appears that everyone onboard is well-trained with factual knowledge about the ship, or has the ability to get on a walkie talkie immediately and find out an answer.

Such personalized service for a ship this size is truly amazing. The lines at guests relations are far shorter today, and every line has a service representative walking down each line trying to answer the easy questions when possible, so people with a simple issue do not have to wait while someone in front of them in line tries to sort out an overly complicated problem.

In addition, they have the doors to the promenade deck – which is right outside the Royal Promenade, open so you can have sea views from the main atrium today. And I also found deck chairs on the deck four promenade deck. I will have pictures later.

I just wanted to write in an report that whatever issues I had when I woke up – have all been resolved satisfactorily this morning – even the $17 internet charge for trying to use the web n my TV. I went to the front desk and said it was a waste of money and he took the charge off. We also have a “sea-view” cabin and it is nice and roomy.

I will say that towards the bow, where we are, you do feel some more motion than we did on the media cruise, but it is a good motion, nothing outrageous at all.
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