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Originally Posted by TO_GAL25 View Post

I was hired as an onboard jeweller with Princess and I love it. We get a decent amount of port time and working in the jewellery shop is definitely a bit easier than the other shops.
I was hired by Page Marine Crews - Home They were great to deal with and took care of everything. Make sure you apply for a jeweller position if you have that experience. The $$ is better than a regular shoppie.

Hope this helps.
İ just had an phone interwiev with harding brothers ,and i just want to know what is the next steps that i m going thrue.

and how much will all this going to cost me (do i pay all the expenses)

what about the working condition for the jewellery workers? is it easy to sell on board ,

İ m from turkey /Bodrum ,i ben working as a salesman over 20 years ,i m Graduated from HRD,i worked here in turkey in a toiristic arae so i know how to sell to a tourist.

Please your advise are verry importent for me ,take little time and explane me everything
tahnx in advance
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