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Originally Posted by niceguy514 View Post
Well the cruise line still has to wait for the cruise to end but is issuing us a credit equal to the amount i paid. I guess this is the best i can ask for.
But after reading the terms and condition, there is no clause about health and denial.
They were stating i was lucky to get anything but they did freeze when i told them i had a doctors note from a walk in clinic.

Should i reject the credit and do a charge back because they did not provide a product and assumed a condition with out a real doctor's examination?
Hi Niceguy514. Sorry to hear about your experience.
Since you asked, I can offer a couple of suggestions that may be of some value. First and foremost, be sure and get any offer of any type of compensation, from Celebrity, in writing. Things have a way of changing, depending on who you are talking too.

Another option is, if you charged your cruise and/or airline tickets on a credit card you could call your credit card company and register a disputed charge. It is a simple procedure and takes about five minutes. This can even be done for quite a period of time after the cruise ends.

As far as fighting Celebrity with an attorney, unless you are prepared to invest a lot of money for attorney fees that may not be your best option.

If Celebrity really meant it about giving you a cruise on one of their newer ships that may also be a very good option.

Best of luck with whatever you decide to do and I hope it all works out for you.

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