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Good Morning cruisemates! We crawling towards Monday, when I ship my mother south, and Tues when we head back south.

The two weeks I'm spending at home already feels like 2 months. Is it Spring yet?

Yet another winter storm hit here in Calgary yesterday, and I had to be out and about in it, dealing with a bunch of stuff for my mother. Then had to go in the height of the storm to pick up my mother from a dentist appt.

Couldn't take Mrs. Kuki's 4X4 because she was waiting at my mother's house for the plumber to show up. 200+ accidents in the city, and I was out running around in my camaro I should have had the top down

As my mother says..."she's perfectly capable of taking care of herself", except she's had her two caregivers, Mrs. Kuki, and I runninng daily, for a week now, taking care of "her" things.

Monday I get to drive her to the airport, to head down to Arizona. We leave the next day, but I'm not giving her my address there

Mike, sorry to hear you're still a "flop"! Hopefully the new med balance wil help and just turn you into a break dancer.
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