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Default It's Friday!

Good Friday Morning Cruisemates and all the ships at sea!

Still a bit nippy outside at 18 degrees but it's going to be a beautiful day filled with sunshine on this get-away-day.

Had my cardioversion yesterday and it went well with one possibly minor exception. I uhhhhh think they forgot to give me uhhh one of the shots. At any rate, I can now testify as to what it feels like to get a kick in the chest from a mule! In any event it lasted only a split second and my heart is back into normal rythm for hopefully more than two months this time. At this stage I'll take whatever I can get. I'm still entertaining myself pulling off those electrode sticky patches they always seem to miss!

With the climate you in which you and James now reside Rollerdonna, I know you're into the Christmas spirit if only weather wise!

Hope everything is going well with all of you including Luanne and Jim; that hopefully you're back home MikeM and failing that, you will be today; and that everyone has all of their Christams shopping done (picture that!). I know that Beenie Weenie undoubtedly does but she is so darned organized!

Prayers continue for those on the list and a request for Blessings on everyone.

Have a great weekend folks and get out there and SPEND! SPEND! SPEND!

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