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Good Morning CruiseMates!
Todd... I am not organized, I swear! But I am done with my Christmas shopping... I think .

Well it is still freezing here. Relief should come tomorrow when we should see some temps above 32 degrees during the day. I may have company coming in tomorrow to stay for a couple of days. Still not sure though. It will be a busy day as I also have the symphony/choir performance as well. Rehearsal starting at 3:00 and performance at 7:30, so that ought to shoot the better part of the day. I still have no clue what I will be wearing, but luckily there's lots of black stuff in the closet, so I'll throw something together.

I need to do some major speed cleaning today, and get presents wrapped for the kid's Christmas party tomorrow. D/H will have to take them as I won't have the chance to go I don't think.

Well not much else happening here at the moment. just work, work work.

Hope you all have a great day ttfn

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