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The sun is shinning but that is just to trick us into thinking it is warm...NOT! Temps are around 17 with the high to hit 30 maybe. At least I am in a warm house watching my little girl take her morning nap on the couch. She will be leaving around noon with her other grandma. I will be taking my Mom to a Dr. appt at 1 then back here to get ready to leave for Charleston, WV and a square dance . A busy day but that is ok.
I want to thank everyone for the prayers for the little guy I talked about yesterday morning. He had the surgery around 8am and is doing just fine now. He will be in the hospital for a few days to make sure all is working the way it should and will be home for his first Christmas. From what I've heard it was harder on Mom & Dad than the little guy. At only 5 wks old he won't even remember it. God is good and took good care of him.
Beanie you might not think you are organized but boy if I could only get as much done as you do!

Todd sorry you had to be kicked and hope it worked. Hope you stay on beat for a long time.

RD have a great day baking. I still have a lot of that to get done, along with lots of shopping. Hoping to get the shopping done this weekend.

Mike hope you have made it hope and are doing ok.

Prayers continue for all on the list. Everyone have a safe, warm and great day.

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