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And a bright good morning to you JamesRT and all who follow. Here it is a cold and damp start to the day. Temps are in the mid thirties, it's overcast and misty.

As I probably mentioned last year around this time (I'm a creature of habit), we attended our friend and physician's family Christmas Concert that was held yesterday late afternoon. What a joyful experience. They originally had three children but lost a 20 year old son to brain cancer in '85 and the concert has been held in his memory every year since. The son and daughter are both married and all are successful in their fields, the parents consisting of two physicians, one RN and a Nashville Accountant. As the grandchildren have come onto the scene, the "orchestra" has grown with all of the children (ages 6 through 17) taking part. The program was of course Christmas Music with light Classical thrown in. Two of the brothers (ages 15 and 17) are violinists and I swear, one would think they were listening to professionals even when playing difficult technical pieces.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and prayers continue for those on the list plus anyone suffering any travail and are accompanied by a request for Blessings on all

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