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Question How Formal are you now?

Without a doubt, the more I cruise the more I realize that seemingly just in the last five years the degree of formal dress has dropped considerably.

There used t be ships where I would say "a tuxedo is mandatory." I cannot think of such a ship now (possibly Crystal). There are still some ships where they are not unusual (Celebrity Solstice class, Silversea and definitely Cunard) but they are not manadatory anywhere anymore as far as I recall.

So, I am asking you, depending on your gender, how much you have changed your approach to formal and what you take onboard now?

Personally, I take one black jacket and matching slacks. I will take one or two dress shirts and two ties - that is th MOST I ever take. I often now take just one dress shirt and we do not go out for one formal night, or we go to a casual alternative.

I find I can ear the same slacks every night for dinner (its only a few hours) and change my shirts. If it is semi-formal I can put my jacket over a colored, collared shirt, no tie, and no problem. Casual - same slacks and a nice collared shirt. That's it.

Of course I need two pair of black socks and one pair of black shoes - works for the entire week. I am wearing far more "nice" polo-type shirts with the slacks, and may opt to add the jacket or not.

In the old days I would bring two suits, different colors and coordinated shirts, pants & ties. No more. No more vests, pocket hankies, cufflinks, argyle socks, etc.

Has anyone else pared it down as much as I have?
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