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Greetings everyone from Central Connecticut, where it is not so cold...and the snow is melting....

Well, Mrs. S and I decided to brave the crowds this morning and try to take advantage of the sales on Christmas wrapping, cards, and boxes......except that there were no crowds !!!

We got out around 8:45 AM, and headed to our local Walgreen's (a drugstore, although with all they carry, one wonders), fully expecting to have to battle our way to near the items. We were the only ones there for a good 30 minutes !

So we stacked up on 50% off wrapping and boxes, and gift bags and cards...they we went a couple of other places and did the same thing. Again, very few people.

We ended up at Pier 1 specifically to by our grand daughter (aka "The Diva") a Purple Pig ornament that she had admired, but was gone when her mother went back to get it. They live in New Hampshire and only have one Pier 1 nearby. In fact, we had to go to 2 before we found it. But then, ain't nothin' too good for The Diva...wink, wink...

We also ended up buying a berry wreath which will go well in our living room on one wall. Love Pier 1.

Tomorrw it's off to LL Bean in Manchester CT, and perhaps a side trip to Christmas Tree Shoppes which is nearby. We need to get a different size fleece for our grand son (the Diva's brother)...they grow so fast...

Like someone has already mentioned, I have been popping into this forum to see how Todd and Fran are doing, and also hoping for some good news. I will keep the thoughts and prayers directed their way....

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week end.....

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