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Originally Posted by KingofCool1947 View Post
How do you know the nurse was unqualified?
I dunno, maybe a normal body temperature, no cough, no sneezing or running nose for the entire wait.
- Talking and conversing with the celebrity port staff normally.
- A doctor's note from a walkin clinic within 24 hours saying I had no signs of any communicable diseases.
- During my waiting time i did see some people have cold symptoms and jacdenv24 confirmed this. Maybe they should of been moved to the side and examined?
- Still no written statement that I was denied boarding due to medical reason.
- Customer service still has no idea why i was denied and cannot give me a reason

I was hoping that there would be a bit more looking into then sticking a thermometer in my ear and looking over the questionnaire for 10 mins. Some people have spent over 5grand and countless hours for these trips and they deserve a real diagnostic when they are going to loose money.

Well just to give everyone an update. I got a certificate in the mail stating i have an X amount of cruise credit towards a future cruise. It is a really nice piece of paper and looks like a stock certificate.

I went of explorer of the seas from NJ for 9 nights on 12/11 and that was a great trip. The boat was fantastic and i am kinda happy my first cruise wasn't on a old boat. The port of calls wasn't as great as mercury but i had tremendous fun on that boat. I really want to go on Oasis now. I won the picasso drawing when i guessed the closest price but was too busy relaxing in the hot tub. Ice skating show was great.
These new celebrity ships aren't cheap!! They are also smaller then explorer for some reason.

Still waiting for your review jacdenv24 and thanks to everyone who replied.
Thanks paul for pointing me to the article i didn't even know about it until you mentioned it. Read over it briefly before boarding explorer.
This time I just ran as fast as i can to the boat after handing them my passport. Dodged the photographers and welcoming group and went straight to the buffet where I would blend in.

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