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Another excellent chapter on your Connie cruise !

As I have mentioned, we were on her in March/April of this year. We never had an issue with lounge chairs. Probably because we were out early (7 -7:30AM). We have a favorite spot, and that is just outside the spa area, under the upper deck, behind the little enclosure that you get towels and spa stuff at. We were able to sit there every day, even port days.

Hopefully you tried the thalossotherapy pool, as well as the AquaSPa Cafe, located just behind the T-pool.

The a capella group on our cruise was called Metro PArk, and it looks like thier contract was not renewed. We enjoyed them.

Perry Grant is our all time favorite entertainer thus far. We just enjoyed his risque banter and really liked his songs. We enjoy him as I recall you and James enjoyed the one singer on Princess, whose name escapes me.

Did you folks try the Casual Dining area in the rear of the ship? I seem to recall you said you did. Do you recall the menu? Did it still have curried (yeach !) lamb on it?

Funny you should mention that 14 days seemd to long. Mrs. S and I had the very same feeling when we got off Infinity after the 14 day Canal transit. We feel 10 or 11 days is the best.

At any rate, thanks again...I can't wait to read the next ones !

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