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Originally Posted by You View Post
We've found a cruise that we're wanting to take in may that leaves from Vancouver. The airfares are so much cheaper to fly into Seattle. So what is my cheapest route to get to Vancouver?
Your cheapest option actually might be to suck up the difference in air fare and fly into Vancouver. The cruise lines' transfers generally leave Seattle (either downtown or the airport) before noon in order to arrive in Vancouver before the ships depart (typically around 5:00 PM) -- which could well mean that you will have to stay at a hotel overnight in the Seattle area. Also, the bus ride from Seattle to Vancouver is about four to five hours or more, depending upon immigration and customs delays at the border.

That said, the cheapest fares on flights to Vancouver tend to sell out very early in the cruise booking cycle on the days when cruises depart, so you may well get a much cheaper fare if you go to Vancouver a day or two early. In fact, the savings in air fare may be enough to pay for a decent hotel, meals, and a pretty good time on the town -- and I can tell you from personal experience that Vancouver is a really great city to visit!

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