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Originally Posted by DavidBgood View Post
Dont let the devil stand on your shoulder, its an evil practice, gambling.

Why because it is all lies..not only to the individual, but to those around them. Give it up, you never win apart from the short buzz you get at the time, then reality kicks in everytime , usually "the next day"as to what you have done with your families money. Okay you live with it.
I love the slot machines. I only pay on money I can afford to lose on. One cruise I ended up coming home with $2,000.00 extra. I don't drink so I save a ton of money
there. Nor do I go to the expensive restaurants that are not included in the price of the trip. Save money there. Nor do I care to even leave the ship on expensive rip off trips.
So what extras are you spending on a trip each time? Oh I don't smoke either. Save money there.

I do tip. I respect the employees of their hard work and having to be away from their families so long at a time.

I only gamble twice a year. So it is entertainment to me. And I love it.
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