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Originally Posted by Rivilian View Post

Thank you for the examples. They prompt another question, if I may.

You speak of tipping the porter when you deliver the bags, and that's done at the time of service, right? On the other hand, it appears you are tipping the roomservice person(s) in an envelope at the end of the cruise. Or did I misunderstand?

I had envisioned (remember, this is my first cruise, and I'm tee-totally ignorant of the protocols) tipping the room service person when the morning coffee I've ordered is delivered to the room. Is this NOT the way to do it?

Thanks, till sparrows weigh a ton.
I've re-read my post and I'm so sorry for any confusion . As Donna said, you should tip the porter's who take your luggage at the pier and put it on the ship.

Yes, you should tip Room Service as you use it. Sometimes you'll have the same RS person, but not always. The envelope I was talking about was the one we keep handy (with lot's of one dollar bills) for quick use .
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