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In fact I have heard that even Ocean of Dreams is struggling to get all 10 portions of the show online. They only have six. There have been a number of setbacks, unfotunately because I was also looking forward to this being a real innovation in onboard entertainment on the ship.

It is still a very good show, but I just know that it had the potential to be even better than it is now.

Splish Splash is still not online. It is supposed to be even more athletic and "fun" that Ocean of Dreams.

I am not sure about "Come fly with Me" because it has some of the same cast members as the AquaTheater shows. I would appreciate getting an update if anyone has seen it.

Bottom line, it just appears the RCL hoped the show would be as "easy" to create as the ice rink shows (as if those were easy), but they have proven to be a bigger challenge than expected.
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