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Originally Posted by ocean-loving-cruisergirl View Post
Hi! I'm a fun-loving, married woman in my mid-40's who loves cruising. Although my home in Ontario is sadly land-locked, my job allows me to plan spontaneously for short trips and I sometimes find myself in port areas on business trips. Unfortunately my DH and girlfriends can’t get away as easily; this is where you come in

In a perfect world I’d like to find a group of bright & fun woman who are interested in sharing a suite. In the real world however, I'm very open to sharing with 1, 2 or 3 others in just about any room-type. Everything has it’s advantages right?

A bit about me: I work hard in my professional life so vacation is my time to relax, have some fun and not take anything too seriously. I'm a non-smoker who values my wineglass at dinner and enjoys a few cocktails during the afternoon/evening. I'm positive, easygoing, open-minded and live for a good laugh. My sense of humor skews toward the edgy; I’m an avid appreciator of witty sarcasm & “adult content”. I’m on the chatty side and can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. I can, and do, shut up sometimes too though :o Like most people, I enjoy some "me time" now & then and will certainly respect yours. I’m tidy with my things but not obsessive and I’m respectful of others’ space. I’ve heard that I sometimes snore a bit but that’s surely just a cruel rumor being spread by those jealous of my petite nose ;-)

Snorkelling & Scuba
Silly games (scavenger hunts and all that stuff)
Dancing (althought you might not want to witness it)
Mojitos by the pool
Karaoke (viewing only - I'm so horribly tone deaf)
The Diningroom & Specialty Restaurants
Trivia (yah, bit of a nerd here..)
Comedy & magic shows
Beach parties
Card games
Exploring ports
... just about everything really

The humourless

If this sounds good, feel free to drop me a line at I’m anxious to hear a bit about you.
Hi you sound like me I have 5 weeks holiday in summer and 2 weeks at xmas. I have to take 3 weeks every summer last two weeks of July and first week of August. I can take more but like to leave a couple for other trips too. I would love to go to the Baltic countries whilst its hotter. I am from Toronto Canada. So if you are interested let me know. I would also like to take a River Cruise they sound great too. Heres hoping I'm brand new on here this is my first post hope it works. I am 55 but certainly act younger and am a non smoker.
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