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Originally Posted by Sid1962 View Post

I have been reading about some seeming inconsistencies about Mytime dining and seating in Blu on another board.

Truth be told, despite reading the various posts, I am still confused.

So I thought I would ask the question here.

We are booked in an AQ on Solstice in September. We chose MyTime dining as an option.

As I understand it, Blu is the main AQ dining venue, which we are looking forward to.

On the other board, I have been reading that unless you chose a traditional dining time (early, late), your chances of getting a table in Blu, even if you are AQ, as a MyTime diner are slim until the later hours.

I am ready to revert to a traditional early dining time, but before I do, can anyone comment on this?

If we were to arrive at Blu say at 6:45 PM as MyTime diners, would there be a problem, or do they keep a number of tables open just for that reason?

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Correction made
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