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Sometimes accidents with the longshoremen can result in one's bags being roughly treated and one's bottles of "adult beverages" being broken. I've seen the mess this can generate. Once in San Diego the longshoremen dropped a whole cage of luggage over the side of the pier and into the water beneath the Oosterdam. Scuba divers retrieved the luggage, the bags were sorted on the mustering deck and the passengers to whom they belonged were invited down to open their bags. All clothing items were then taken and cleaned by the ship. All items that were not clothing that were in any way damaged were either directly replaced by the ship or their value paid to the passengers in the form of cash (in return for the passengers signing a letter).

The ONLY passenger who wasn't in any way compensated was the fellow who had 4 bottles of black-label scotch in his bags. They all broke, soaking his clothing and turning everything brown. Indeed, some of the scotch from the broken bottles seeped into the bags of other people, further ruining their clothing. The Line refused to pay to replace any of that specific man's ruined clothing since the ruining was due to the booze that he had attempted to smuggle aboard ship in contravention of the Line's policy. That fellow was NOT a happy camper.

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