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Originally Posted by Mermen View Post
For heaven's sake, am I the only former "other cruise board" member who remembers Nurse Debra getting kicked off that board for creating the same mishigas? Didn't she "wear out her welcome" there, and was counseled repeatedly against this type of disturbance?

In the attempt to keep this as a board which offers "advice and facts without censorship", the only thing productive at this point it seems, is the drama which draws readers to the thread (hooray Cruisemates), but is this a positive approach to attract or keep readers? Think this may backfire? It's a shame when one poster can cause several readers to leave, including a moderator.

This is not an "attack" or a rant. I am simply offering the same valuable feedback as one other poster does, so that we all are aware.

Regarding the thread of pod issues, this is not the only glaring problem cruise lines face. I imagine that the Princess cruise we took last April which resulted in one missed port and delays should be announced daily, or for that matter, every time a poster mentions something good about the cruise line? Nope, didn't think so. That's different, isn't it? lol.

I agree with Norm, excellent post.

Lastly, I hope Celebrity finds their way to this board, and especially to the Celebrity forum. Would be interesting to see how they view the barrage of vindictive attacks. You can only turn a deaf ear for so long.
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