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Default Soltice-blu dining room for breakfast

IS THIS true they have the Blu dining room opened for breakfast? We will be trying the Soltice for the Western Caribbean the end of April.. What bothers me most about chair hogs is that they put their "stuff" on the chair and you never see them again until the end of the day.. I thought there were "chair butlers" now, isn't that true? I do enjoy the early quiet morning around the pool and admittedly have "saved" a lounge and a chair..until we have had breakfast...and then sit there most of the day...or at least until 4:00 p.m. Wbat bothered me terribly was going over to the grille within sight of my chairs to have lunch and have people just pick up the chair and table and move them...I GOT THEM BACK...for heavens sakes.. our clothes were on it..not just a book or flip flops..have had that happen while I've been in the jacuzzi...the Chutzpah of people... In all honesty sitting by the pool early in the a.m... about 9:00 am and soaking in the serenity of the day are one of the true highlights of any cruise we restores my soul...
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