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Originally Posted by Kimbopolo View Post
Mike ....... !!!!

Didn't get any photos on my first cruise. I was alone and that would have felt just plain weird. BUT on my 2nd cruise coming up next month, DH will be with me and I definitely want to see what we look like on embarkation.

(Don't want a debarkation photo though cause I expect I'll be sobbing).
You won't be sorry...Embarkation photo's are one of my favorites...

Since it's just my husband and I cruising, usually there's just a photo of me in front of ?...or then theres a photo of my husband in front of ?, then a photo of me with our new cruising friends then a photo of my husband and our new get one of the both of us we have to snag a fellow passenger or buy one taken by the ships photographer.

If we cruised often then I could see not spending the money since the ship's photo's are really expensive...but since when we cruise it's an event...we don't mind buying ONE or two of my husband and I together. (we DO limit what we buy because of the cost. zdgp idea is a good one too..wait until the end of the cruise and pick the best that you like.)
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