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It's been a very long and busy day at Seatrade. Just awhile ago I got back to the hotel, after leaving at 8 AM this morning.

After the morning NCL press conference I headed to the MTN press luncheon for the announcement of their most recent Global TV initiative in partnership with the cruise lines.

I'll have to report more on this later but the essence is that MTN has developed the technology to provide a package of seemless television programming world wide. They have also negotiated licensing agreements with 6 program suppliers, which will likely expand to more pretty quickly. There will be no more losing tv signals while doing transatlantic sailings for example, and even if you are sailing in distant waters, you'll be receiving the same television programming you would in local US waters.

There are some issues with some networks for example who don't actually own the rights to their broadcast signals, so it has to be sorted out who to form the licensing agreements with.

The new system was put into action in Feb. 2010, and is already installed and functioning on 40 ships. I'll have to supply more details a bit later, when I have more time, but it's all pretty interesting stuff, and likely of particular interest to TV buffs.
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