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Originally Posted by You View Post
Before long sweat pants , T-shirt and flip flops will be acceptable. People just don't seem to give a d--n anymore.
Back in the 1980's, urban legend held that there was a clear distinction between "computer programmers" and "software engineers." The former wore suits and neckties, whereas the latter wore jeans and "T" shirts.

Seriously, a few companies actually do permit their employees to wear that sort of attire. Some years ago, a contact told me about a coworker at Apple Computer whom he described as a nudist who wore a speedo in the office to avoid offending the sensibilities of others.

That said, don't make assumptions if you visit a company once and see people dressed very casually. It may well be a special event. There are some companies who think that a "shorts day" in the middle of the summer and other occasions when they toss the normal dress code out the window are good for employee morale. There's always the possibility of some sort of special promotional event, too. A few years ago, our company encouraged all of us to come to work dressed according to our vision of retirement for a one-day promotion of the company's retirement plan, but it was strictly a one-day event. I can't help but wonder what a visitor who walked in on an office full of employees wearing bathing suits with either flipflops or masks, snorkels, and fins would have thought about that scene!

OTOH, there has also been a significant movement to restore standards of business dress especially in larger companies. Aside from wanting employees to look presentable when visitors tour the facility, some managers believe that employees who dress professionally are more apt to act professionally, and thus be more productive, in the workplace.

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