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Fern, this is a great line, and thanks

"The important things about cruising have changed over the years in our lives."

That is so true, and it's why I moved at around the age of 30 to cruising as by then the "beach holiday and hotel" and all that went with it had lost its appeal.

Number one thing to know about me DayvidB,,,,,,, stick me on ANY beach in the world, golden sands, blue waters etc etc. Sorry, but it bores me to tears, it always has. I can't do that turn and flip every so many minutes or hours and like some human chicken on a spit, but in reality a human on a sunbed and on a beach and roasting for hours on end, some can, I can't and again it bores me to tears, what's enjoyable about that?

Same with the ones I see doing the same around a "pool" on a ship and being there soaking the rays for hours on end as if this is it, this is the vacation,,,,,I really dont get it.

Give me new things, things I can explore on a daily basis and for me that became cruising, a quick fix of the place you are in, and it gives you an idea of do you want to come back to visit again and for longer?

An example Venice, we sailed out of it the first time, and docked for 36 hours. Two years later I came back for 10 days. The experience even better

So it's the same with cruising, expectations of what you wanted when 30 are not always the same when you are 65-80+.

But one thing I have always held over the years and no matter my "social" expectation or age at the time was the room quality I live in, the food quality I eat and the price I am paying for it,,,,no matter the vacation either on land or sea.

I cant do what some do and base it on, its cheap, its a vacation, its a ship or a hotel, but I'll go for the experience.

Price is a major factor, but in reality it cannot be for a lot of folks the main reason for doing it, deciding when to spend your available money. My guess is some would rather do without, than spend what they had on something that may disappoint.

But potentially where you can experience in the world, and for whatever money, still appears to be number one, and that to me is cruising

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