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Originally Posted by Amberderossi View Post
I am really curious what does TICO have to do with charging a professional consultation fee? You never know if can't do it that way until you do it.

I have a friend who does speeches about this subject to TA's across the country. His condo neighbor is an electrician. When he was about to hang up his utility belt because at $35 for his service call was not covering his costs for his tool maintenance, truck, insurance, and his competition was competing on volume and only charging $25 for a service call. My friend told the electrician to raise his call fee to $125 since he was going to quit anyway.

Within six months several of the $25 service call competition was out of business and the electrician had a few employees and more trucks. He has a one page website but that one page says everything about his work and what he does.

My fee is not for travel at all so I have no idea how TICO would affect someone in Canada and how the consumer would need protecting?

Well, now you've hit my other half - he is a master electrician so there really isn't anything you can tell me about that. Yes, call out rate must be at least $70 an hours around here. But that is for a tangible service not just a consultation.

TICO - along with the provincial and federal governments lay the rules here. One must be with an agency and cannot just set up shop at home and declare themselves an travel agent. There are educational requirements for TICO that have to be met before you can sell travel. There are government regulations none of which I'm going into here. However I will say you can't just set up here in Ontario just because you want to.

Anyway, I'm going to leave this conversation now. You are in the U.S., you're laws (or lack thereof) are different.

Yes, btw, you can charge a service fee here - but the agency is in control of that and how much etc. The one I'm with doesn't therefore I can't even if I wanted to.
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