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Yes thanks- he had a TPLO on Tuesday- he tore his cruciate ligament in his leg and demolished the cartilage. The ligament can't be repaired but the joint can be stabilized with instrumentation- so that's what he had done. He is 11 yrs old and has been a good pal to me. If he had been a dog that was happy piddling around in the house and yard I would have considered just treating with pain meds etc ( one of the alternatives) but walks and rides to the park are the highlight of his life so this Surgery will give him the chance to get back to doing that. He has been stressed by being in hospital, he's very anxious and sticking to me like Velcro, but doesn't seem to find it painful. He is confined to the house/leash for 8 weeks so all plans to travel have been shelved.... now looking at late summer/fall instead.
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