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Default have been married far too long :::: yourself in the frame of mind of a single man ( Dave The Wave for example) ::::...Kuki is absolutely correct, you would never book 2 for that room because you could book a regular inside cabin for $40 more...but let's say, DTW has identified a woman of interest that he would like to take on her 1st cruise on the upcoming Halloween CruiseMate group cruise, but she may not feel comfortable about sharing a cabin at this point of the book 2 studios ..the romance of the sea plus the magic of the cruisemates and the charm of DTW advances the that point, the see thru shower becomes an asset..other functionsare best practiced in one's own studios..DTW could look out his inside window, to make sure she made it back safely to her studio
this has more upsides then down for a single cruise traveler..I'm actually thinking about booking one for the upcoming CM group cruise
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